Green Chef is a USDA-certified organic meal kit company. We have worked directly with the National Organic Program to be leaders in food transparency and traceability. Our certification ensures the highest standards of food safety and that we can trace every ingredient from the farm to your door. We are held accountable to the USDA organic program’s rigorous auditing for accuracy in labelling, tracking, food safety and handling. We separate items where there could be cross-contamination and limit the types of cleaning supplies we can use in production.

About 90%-95% of our ingredients are certified organic — we believe that’s more than any leading meal kit, retailer or restaurant. Our ingredients that are not certified organic are rare exceptions. Did you know that there's no such thing as certified organic sea salt or wild salmon?

Where certified organic ingredients are not available, we still focus on sourcing the highest quality options. Each ingredient is clearly labeled and all our ingredients go through extensive screening to meet our high ingredient standards.

At the heart of Green Chef is supporting local, organic farmland, family farms, and craft economies. With each box you receive, you are helping dozens of suppliers that are benefitting from your choice. We work hard to partner with regional purveyors of high integrity foods and are excited to help our suppliers thrive.