Egg Free Whole30 Breakfast: Sweet Potato Hash Recipe

By On March 20, 2017

Finding an eggless Whole30 breakfast can be tough. I hate eggs, but it’s a life goal of mine to love them!! For now, I will make up my own egg free breakfast options and share… Read More

Essential Oils

doTERRA Enrollment Kits for 2017!

By On February 14, 2017

You want to get essential oils, but….. how? I would highly suggest getting started with a wholesale membership and a starter kit, and here’s why: The wholesale membership gets you 25% off… Read More

Dairy Free

Make things easy with Dorot: Whole30 + Paleo Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

By On February 2, 2017

I can’t wait to share with you this paleo butternut squash soup recipe! Even more exciting are the secret ingredients that makes this paleo butternut squash soup even easier! One thing I… Read More


Whole30 + Paleo Big Game Mexican Potato Cakes

By On January 21, 2017

The Big Game is approaching, and I know you’re nervous about what you can make! So many of you will successfully complete your January Whole30 SO soon! I know I tell you… Read More

Whole30 Deli Meat
Can I have?

Whole30 Deli Meat | Which brands are Whole30 Approved Deli Meat?

By On January 19, 2017

I’ve had a lot of people tell me they’ve given up finding Whole30 Deli Meat because it is just. so. tough. Finding Whole30 approved Deli Meat Brands can be challenging for a… Read More

Whole30 Travel Tips

Whole30 Travel Tips!

By On January 10, 2017

Hey Whole30’er! Firstly let me just say I’m SO impressed that you’ve chosen to do a Whole30 amidst travel plans… Maybe you’ve got a big trip coming up and you just want… Read More

Dairy Free

Whole30 + Paleo Lemon Pepper Kebabs Recipe

By On January 8, 2017

There are some things you make for people when you’re hosting them for dinner that they have NO clue are Paleo or Whole30 approved… these Paleo lemon pepper kebabs are just that!… Read More

JORD Wooden Watches

New Year, New Watch! | JORD Wooden Watches

By On January 7, 2017

For me, a watch is something I invest in. The last watch I purchased I splurged on, and I still have it! It has to be stylish but also timeless… I’ve come… Read More


Why the Whole30 diet Isn’t Just Another Fad Diet | Whole30 Best Diet

By On January 6, 2017

Fad diets. We’ve all done one, right? The latest science reveals if you drink only water, you’ll totally lose weight!! Well, duh. But that’s not quite sustainable, is it…? Nor is it… Read More

Whole30 Rules

Whole30 Rules | What you Need to Know to Get Started

By On January 5, 2017

I absolutely LOVE the Whole30 Program. I’ve done the entire 30 day challenge five times, and learn something new about myself and how I react to food each time! But knowing the… Read More