One mistake that many people seem to gravitate toward (and I am guilt of making this one too!) is keeping all produce in the refrigerator. Good, ripe produce has the tendency to go bad so quickly, so it seems like a logical choice to throw it in the fridge to keep them fresher longer. Unfortunately, this rule of thumb doesn’t work with these red beauties! The harsh, cold temperature of the fridge will cause tomatoes to quickly lose their flavor and become mealy- definitely not ideal!

In fact, the best place to store tomatoes is out in the open! On your countertop at room temperature is a great place to start. While keeping them out of direct sunless is typically suggested, I like to put them on the window sill above my kitchen sink the day I plan to use them. I think they like seeing their old friend Mr. Sun one last time, and I find it packs in their delicious flavor!

I hope this Tuesday “Tips and Tricks” will help keep your tomatoes fresher longer, friends!

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