Yet another Tuesday and another tip! 🙂 This is yet another Nana tip… She’s the pro at all things cooking.

First of all, basil definitely HATES the cold! Refrigeration of basil will turn its leaves black. You may have either experienced this, or seen it at the grocery store… This little tip is a testament to the fact that how you find produce at the grocery store may not always actually be the best way to store it.

First, wash the basil. Next, remove the leaves and place on a paper towel or tea towel. Wrap the basil and store it in a plastic bag on the counter, but out of direct sunlight. This method will even perk up some not-so-happy-looking grocery store basil that has been refrigerated for too long!

Another equally helpful way to store basil is to trim the stems and put the entire bunch in a vase or glass of water. Again, store on the countertop out of direct sunlight. With this method it is important to keep the leaves above the waterline, or remove the leaves that will fall below the waterline. Be sure to change the water frequently, up to every day but as little as every few days to keep it fresh. This is a great way to root basil to replant as well!

You’ll be amazed at how long the basil will last! Mine will last for a month, and even longer, using either of the above methods.

Is this how you store your basil? What other ways have you found that work well?