In this episode, let’s talk about chronic health issues with Jennifer Robins of Predominantly Paleo and Legit Bread Company. Jennifer has received over 20 different diagnoses from a variety of health care specialists. And today, we’re going to hear her story of how she came to be on the other side of it. 

Jennifer dealt with a lot of symptoms that included severe panic attacks, which she thought attributed to her breast implants that she got back in 2009, without being aware of the dangers associated. 

March is Breast Implant Awareness Month, which is what initially sparked me to interview Jennifer on the show today. But we will specifically focus on the struggles of chronic illness in general. 

We discuss the role of neuroplasticity in healing chronic illnesses. A lot of pain management is mental, but there’s no way you can just think yourself out of it. It takes time and certain techniques to retrain your brain to behave and believe differently than it ever had before. 

Healing takes place not just by treating the diagnosis as well, but you have to carefully examine a lot of other things that might have been on the periphery. Whether that’s childhood trauma, or recent trauma, or things even in the past two years with the pandemic, everything that you experience can play a role in your physical and mental well being. 

If you are dealing with any chronic illnesses, hopefully, this conversation will give you ideas on how to continue to heal your illnesses as well as give you some spark of joy and hope in knowing that healing is also possible for you.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Jennifer’s health journey
  • The potential side effects of breast implants
  • Making changes in her diet
  • The role of neuroplasticity in healing chronic pain and illness

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