Carly Brown was living a healthy life – she was the perfect picture of health. She was eating healthy, shopping at the local farmer’s market, doing meditation, etc. One day, she got diagnosed with thyroid cancer. You’re probably wondering, how did that even happen? Was there something she missed? 

In today’s episode, Carly walks us through her journey through healing, how she found the root cause of her illness, her decision to go down the holistic route of healing, and where she is today. 

Even if you don’t personally have cancer or you know someone who has cancer, you are going to learn so much from Carly about detoxing in general. Every single thing that she did for cancer and healing can be used by everyone as a preventative measure. 

Carly now shares her story and becomes a source of healing to other people. Her Daily Detox program is an eight-week detox course that teaches people detox practices they can weave into every day for the rest of their life. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Getting diagnosed with thyroid cancer
  • How she found the root cause of her illness
  • How dental health impacts overall health
  • A look into the healing modalities that Carly experienced
  • Daily practices to maintain health
  • Her life now post-surgery
  • What inspired her to develop the Daily Detox
  • How Alchemy Juice started

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