We don’t often find women in leadership roles inside the church, and to see women in leadership is a breath of fresh air. When Megan Hermes started seeing the massive empowerment from Jesus for women, that’s when Megan started wrestling with the idea of stepping into the light and becoming an evangelist.

Serving the ministry full-time for 20 years now, Megan Hermes is the Staff and Operations Pastor at Hope Valley Church in Denver. Along with her husband, she started the campus ministry which started at a campus university church. 

You might disagree with the things we talk about in our discussion today, but what’s important is that we continue to learn and grow from these conversations. Because Jesus loves not just sinners, but even women as well. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The story of The Resurrection: the person whom Jesus called first to tell everyone that He has risen – is a woman
  • Other examples of passages in the Bible where women were leading the church
  • How Jesus is bringing the new kingdom
  • A verse in the Bible says women should be allowed to learn and have the capacity to teach. 
  • The gift of influence among women and the issue of patriarchy
  • How to apply Jesus’ radical love today

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