Celebrating our ten-year anniversary as a married couple, Chaz joins today’s episode as we share some marriage and relationship tips. It’s funny how it feels like it’s just been weeks ago and we also don’t feel like we have everything figured out. 

When we got married in June of 2012, I was 22 and Chaz was 24. We were pretty young but we thought it was a perfect time. We were also forced to grow up together because we ended up getting pregnant a lot sooner than we had anticipated. Everything we did, we were learning for the first time together. And quickly, we just knew we had to stay together and figure it out.

We are both opposites and we’re lucky that we have personalities that mesh well. One of the biggest things in our relationship that I love the most is that we make sure we don’t go to bed angry and that we don’t hold onto things. 

We know that’s not the case for everybody. But if you are dating someone, we encourage you to seek someone where it feels so easy. It’s like your relationship can feel like a flat road. Otherwise, if it’s feeling like a daily uphill battle, or you feel like you’re fighting a lot, that can be a red flag.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Constantly checking in how each other is feeling
  • Asking open-ended questions
  • Finding work-life balance as parents
  • Why we don’t follow traditional gender roles
  • Habits we’ve developed that have impacted our family life
  • Not going to bed angry and not holding onto things
  • Assuming and believing the best in each other

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