Imagine this: one drop of oxybenzone (a compound used in sunscreens) in six Olympic-sized swimming pools is enough to negatively impact a reef of that size. 

Now imagine what that could do to our bodies?

Unfortunately, a lot of Americans don’t make that connection. It’s time to switch from harmful chemical sunscreens to a much better and safer option.

In this episode, Caroline Duell, founder and CEO of All Good, talks about why clean, mineral-based, and reef-friendly sunscreen matters.  

Based in Morro Bay, CA, All Good is a company that uses organic and botanical products that serve everyday needs while seeking solutions for a better world. Personally, I love All Good products because they meet all of my standards – they’re a certified B Corp, part of the 1% for the Planet Movement, Leaping Bunny certified, climate neutral, reef-friendly, and woman-owned. 

What started out as a homespun label and pure labor of love that she gave away to friends or sold at farmer’s markets has become an official business eight years later. Today, All Good is a growing brand that has become a staple for people who need it.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • An overview of their products
  • How they have come to design their products
  • Their certifications as an outward communication tool
  • What does it mean to be climate neutral?
  • How they’re dealing with sustainability issues
  • Creating mineral-based, safe sunscreen products
  • The worst ingredients in sunscreen and their harmful effects
  • The importance of Vitamin D supplementation
  • Chemical vs. mineral: Why mineral is the way to go

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