There is a wealth of information available when it comes to pregnancy and preparing for birth, about the baby, and how to keep your baby alive. But postpartum care is such an underrated topic that we don’t really get a lot of information about it.

We prepare a lot more for birth than we do post-partum – a period when there are so many changes happening, not just physically, but also emotionally, in their relationships, their career, and their life as a whole. Yet we’re seeing so many gaps in the space of postpartum care and support. Once the baby is out, all attention goes to the baby and we forget there’s also healing that has to happen for the mom. 

Today, we speak with holistic nutritionist  Katie Braswell and Dr. Nichelle Gurule, a chiropractor, personal trainer, and a mom of three with her fourth on the way. Together, Katie and Nichelle created The Wild Mama Co, which offers a holistic approach to preparing for postpartum so moms can live happily and healthily in this vulnerable phase of their life.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What is the fourth trimester?
  • Why it’s so important to support moms as they transition to postpartum
  • The gaps that need to be addressed in postpartum support
  • The importance of rest
  • How their course is preparing women for postpartum
  • The lack of education about how to prepare for this transition

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