You’ve probably heard people talking about having a slow metabolism. But what does that really mean? And if you think you’re actually undereating in the hope of losing weight, or you just think it’s the healthy way to go about it, then you’ve got to give this episode a listen!

Joining us today is Kaely McDevitt, a registered dietitian who runs a virtual private practice that specializes in women’s health. We talk all about the impact of having a slow metabolism on our overall health and the long-term effects of undereating. We also discuss how our hormones impact fertility and overall health, and some ways to heal them. 

Finally, Kaely shares some techniques and practices that we can do to regulate our nervous system and keep our stress and anxiety away!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What is metabolism?
  • The repercussions of low metabolism and undereating
  • The benefits of progesterone and factors that cause low progesterone levels
  • The role of the nervous system in healing the hormones
  • Techniques to regulate your nervous system
  • Ways to balance your blood sugar and why intermittent fasting may not be super ideal for women

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