Nine years ago, I had our first baby girl, Ella. Today, I want to celebrate my sweet little girl by sharing her birth story with you. 


Just a brief backstory, my husband, Chaz, and I met back in college and we got married at 21. Six weeks later, we got pregnant with Ella. It wasn’t the timing that we were hoping for. I was 22 when I got pregnant, and 23 when I had Ella. I was so young and I barely knew anything. But we definitely got to a place where we were excited about being pregnant. 


Fast-forward to March 10, I experienced some stomach cramps at 5 am. Thinking it was just a stomachache, I went to the bathroom, started pushing, and had the weirdest feeling I had ever felt in my life. And so, I called Chaz into the bathroom and he got a pocket medical flashlight out and told me I was crowning – meaning, Ella was about to come out!


When we got to the hospital, my body couldn’t process what was happening. It was a traumatic situation seeing how things were happening too early, too soon, and way too fast. The entire time, Chaz was sobbing thinking I was crowning because the baby was stillborn. He was upset and I couldn’t even process anything so I didn’t know what to think. 


When I was at the ER, the doctor asked me to push. Still confused about what was happening, I did it anyway, and Ella came out – and she’s alive! Then she was put in the NICU for five weeks where she did phenomenally well. 


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Ella’s birth story
  • The original birthing plan
  • Funny stories during my delivery
  • Ella’s NICU story
  • How is Ella now

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