Pregnancy and birth can take so much out of a Mama and can lead to depletion. That’s why we’re talking about how to Cure Postnatal Depletion on the podcast. One of the things often overlooked by new moms is making sure they have enough nutrient stores in their bodies. They don’t realize how important that is during pregnancy and even beyond that – in the postpartum period.

In today’s episode, registered dietitian Steph Greunke is going to talk to us about something you may not be familiar with, or maybe you’re even currently experiencing: postnatal depletion. Learn what that looks like and how you can cure postnatal depletion. 

Steph is dedicated to helping moms learn how to eat well, replete their nutrient stores, and love their bodies. Find out how you can up your nutrient stores even before pregnancy to avoid the risk of postnatal depletion. At the end of the day, we need to be our own health advocates when it comes to pregnancy and postpartum. As a mom, you are your own best health advocate because you know your body best. 

Listen to the show, Cure Postnatal Depletion: 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Postnatal depletion: causes, symptoms, duration, and prevention
  • Embracing your maturescence stage
  • The purpose of a micronutrient panel
  • Nutrients that lead to postnatal depletion
  • Ways to deal with postnatal depletion
  • The value of Steph’s postpartum reset program

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