Friends are treasures in life and they come in all types, shapes, and forms. Sometimes, they will appear to you at different seasons of your life. And it’s just so wonderful to be able to create and nurture those bonds. 


While some friendships come naturally, sometimes you also need to explore and develop friendships beyond your inner circle. You don’t have to be friends and be best friends with everyone who comes but it’s great to be able to create opportunities where you can bring people together and sustain those friendships.


There will also be times when friendships can become toxic, and so you should know when that happens and when it’s time to let go and move forward.


In this episode, Bailey T. Hurley shares some out-of-the-box strategies for finding friends as well as tips for meeting new people, loving our neighbors, and loving our friends whether they are five minutes away or an entire country away. 


Bailey underscores the importance of friendship in a person’s mental, spiritual, and emotional health, and she created an entire brand built around friendships. Wading into the waters of authorship, Bailey wrote a book called, Together is a Beautiful Place. She dives deep into the topic of female friendship in the hope of helping women find simple and doable habits for longevity in their friendships. 


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why she wrote a book about female friendships
  • Tips for meeting friends
  • Taking an effort to meet with your friends
  • Tips for maintaining long-distance friendships
  • How to identify toxic friendships
  • Life transitions as a good test of friendship
  • The best way to end a toxic friendship

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