We’re actually overdue for a new healing update since the last one I did was back in Episode 39. Before jumping to today’s episode (or even after), it would be helpful for you to listen to Episode 43, where I had my health coach, Cynthia Mathes, talk about the Best Ways to Lose Weight Naturally. I am working with Cynthia on this targeted approach to both healing and weight loss.

We did a lot of healing work over the last four months on my gut and I’m going to share with you how we’re treating it. The gut is connected to pretty much everything else in the body and keeping it healthy is definitely crucial. One challenge currently at hand is that I’m supposed to be in this weight loss portion of the process, yet it has not worked. However, I’m still very much encouraged by the sheer amount of healing that I have experienced over the last four years. 

Today, I’m going to talk about the last piece of my healing and wellness journey: blood sugar. My blood sugar is higher than it should be and apparently, high blood sugar can make weight loss close to impossible. Listen in as I explain how we’re approaching this. Hopefully, all the things that I’m learning are also going to help you learn more about your body, your health, and your wellness.

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In this episode, you will hear:

  • Findings from my GI map
  • How having a healthy gut is important for healing
  • How blood sugar works
  • How blood sugar affects metabolism
  • Tips for managing blood sugar
  • The benefits of a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)
  • How Semaglutide works

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