I am all for loving your body, no matter your size or weight. Also, part of loving your body is to make sure you are in your best health and you’re feeling your best. And so, if you feel like something is off and maybe you want to get to the bottom of something, then you’ve got to get to the root cause of it. You never know what kind of healing your body needs to have and you might just save yourself from a very serious disease.

Today, we are going to talk about my health journey, bringing you back to my childhood all the way to where I am right now.

As a child, I struggled with my health, especially with my gut. Back in the day, it was just either you had peanut allergy or not – and that’s it! There wasn’t any elimination in the diet. There were no nuances that we have now today, which I am so thankful for. 

That understanding just didn’t exist when I was a child because there was a huge disconnect between what we ate and how we felt in our bodies. And so, part of my work today is to make that connection again, because that’s what has really changed my life and I am now able to feel my best.

Feeling so empowered by that, I want to share this message with other people struggling with health issues that healing is possible – and healing is for you!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Feeling out of control with my health issues as a child
  • What sparked my desire to learn more about health and wellness
  • My first big step into movement
  • How my health declined from becoming vegetarian/vegan for three years
  • When and why I switched to a paleo diet
  • The importance of running full thyroid panels for pregnant women
  • How the keto diet messed up my metabolism
  • Healing my body with the help of Katie Braswell and Cynthia Mathes
  • Other health tests you should consider doing

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