An expert in the nutrition field, Alison Marras of Food by Mars joins us today to talk all about the gut and how you can heal your gut naturally. As a nutritional therapy practitioner, Alison stresses on the importance of doing whatever you can to support your body. Our bodies are super resilient, especially women. But what are we doing to support it? This is where food and lifestyle can be incredibly helpful.

Alison started Food by Mars in 2014 as a creative outlet because she was burning out at work. Seeing how her health was on the decline, she thought it was fun to learn food photography and practice more cooking. As she was progressing, her nutrition changed and she leaned more into the paleo diet. Realizing how you can take your health into your hands, she wanted to make preparing food easier for people and making it really delicious. 

Most of our immune system is in our gut, that’s why we have to pay attention to it, and support, heal, and nourish it. Food is medicine and it has an impact on your body. Unfortunately, people tend to demonize food. 

Alison explains that food sensitivity is more like a symptom than the root cause itself (with the exception of food allergy.) But the idea is you could get back to those foods eventually after you start healing the gut. The reason you start to see so many symptoms is you can’t assimilate the nutrients even when you’re eating healthy. Hence, when your digestion is out of whack, nothing is going to really work appropriately. But once you’re able to dig in and look at the root cause of things, you will realize it’s not that hard after all.

Ultimately, you need to get these foundational things working so your body can heal itself. We don’t want these food issues to stay in our lives forever and be stuck to this rigidity. We want our diets to be as expansive as possible. That’s why Alison is here to teach you how to do this joyfully and easily because we’re all in it for the long haul.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Understanding your gut
  • How leaky gut works and why it causes food sensitivity
  • The need to assimilate your nutrients
  • How the food sensitivity testing works
  • Some meal planning tips to help you heal your gut
  • When to do elimination diet and spacing out reintroductions
  • The different phases of the AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet
  • Getting help from digestive enzymes and minerals

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