As a busy working mama, prioritizing your health while also making sure your kids are eating healthy can be a lot on your plate. And sometimes, you can’t help but compromise one over the other – or worse, you end up compromising both. Oh, the joys of motherhood!

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Today on the show, we talk all about healthy living as a busy mom. Additionally, we chat through her feeding struggles with her son, Leyton, and she’s got some great tips on how to feed picky kiddos. 

Heather is a lifestyle blogger, mama of two, and recently, a podcast host of Healthy with Heather Brown. Heather shares how she struggled with postpartum depression and how she learned to find value in her identity, focusing on what makes her feel good while still staying healthy versus having to track anything. 

Currently, Heather runs a program that helps other mamas who are overwhelmed by what it looks like to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle so they too can live happy, healthy, and free!  

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What it takes to prioritize movement
  • Meal planning for your family
  • How to plan your meals = marrying budget + healthy food
  • Creative ways to get your kid to eat healthy food
  • Bringing awareness to your own health

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