The next time you’re enjoying your morning coffee and your chocolate banana pancakes for breakfast, think about where those products you’re buying actually come from and who is farming them. The ugly truth is that those products could be the result of people living in poverty and getting paid an unfair price for their goods.

According to the World Bank, many smallholder farmers around the world are living on less than $2 a day. Sadly, the commodity prices are not set by the farmers themselves, but they’re set on Wall Street. And so, there’s a total disconnect between what the realities are on the ground.

Today’s conversation is very important because we’re going to discuss the impact of choosing Fairtrade with Kate Stritzinger, the director of Marketing and External Relations for Fairtrade America. 

If you want to start prioritizing buying Fairtrade products, visit to see all of Fairtrade certified products there. Additionally, you can find products in your local market and grocery store by finding that Fairtrade Mark, the blue and green logo with a person raising their hand up.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The working conditions for farmers outside of the fair trade program
  • The percentage of women in the farming industry and the challenges they face
  • Examples of goods or products with the worst working conditions
  • The benefits of Fairtrade to farmers
  • How Fairtrade is including producers in the process
  • How consumers can positively impact the farmers

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