Traumatic experiences are very powerful, and our body is even more powerful because it tries hard to protect us. Those protective mechanisms are so important because they help you survive at a time you may not have been able to survive what you went through. But at a certain point, those survival mechanisms may be hindering your growth and they’re not helping anymore. It’s time to let go and move forward.

In this episode, Katie Levitre shares her struggles with anxiety, depression, and OCD and how psychedelics have played such a huge role in her healing journey. Katie also shares her intention of breaking that cycle of generational trauma so she can give her kids a life – not free of struggles, but a life free of the fear that has been passed down through many generations. 

This is the first time that Katie has shared her entire story using mushrooms publicly. And it’s truly an honor that she was willing to share her story on our podcast. Hopefully, you can keep an open, non-judgmental mind as we talk about using mushrooms in a therapeutic medicinal way. 

Mushrooms have just been legalized in Colorado so this is definitely a changing landscape in terms of using mushrooms for wellness. If you need some deep internal healing and you’re considering this as a possibility, make sure you’re doing this in a state where it is legal. Finally, share this episode with a friend who may be struggling with mental illness and who you think would benefit from using mushrooms in a therapeutic way because this may be exactly what they need.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Her postpartum experience
  • What happens during lactose overload
  • Her transformative experience of using MDMA prescribed by her psychotherapist
  • A totally different experience using psilocybin
  • The difference between antidepressants and MDMA
  • Things to consider when you’re thinking of getting started with psychedelics

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Supporting Resources:

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