Today on the show we are exploring bee venom therapy. People who have struggled with chronic illness can be so misunderstood, especially with Lyme disease that’s like a “silent” illness. In this conversation, I’m going to share the mic with Brooke Geahan of the Heal Hive where she talks about bee venom therapy in curing Lyme disease and other chronic infections. 

Brooke contracted Lyme disease that had infiltrated her immune system and the use of antibiotics wasn’t helpful at all. For three years, she tried to find a way through, and that included losing her job and her home. She basically went from being a fully independent woman who had a lot of dreams ahead of her to literally losing everything. Every protocol she tried just made her sicker and more bankrupt in every way – emotionally, financially, and spiritually. 

After a nurse who dealt with the same disease helped her out, she was able to walk within a week. Brooke dove into the science of bee venom, specifically, the actual mechanics of it and its health benefits, which eventually led to the creation of Heal Hive.

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In this episode, you will hear:

  • Cultures where the bee venom therapy started and why it’s not as popular in the U.S.
  • How bee venom therapy works
  • Best practices to prepare your body for the bee venom
  • Why it’s imperative to understand what’s going on in people’s systems
  • Dealing with the trauma of chronic illness
  • Other health benefits of bee venom therapy
  • Creating a positive community of members

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