If you struggle with bloating, autoimmune disease, or thyroid disease, healing diets could be a valuable part of your healing journey! You could be treating food sensitivities but if you’re too focused on just that, you may be barking at the wrong tree. It’s important that while you’re looking to heal your gut, it’s also important to make eating fun!

In this episode, we’re joined by Alison Marras of Food by Mars, as she talks about when and how to utilize healing diets like AIP and Paleo. Alison is a nutritional therapy practitioner who is passionate about supporting women dealing with food sensitivities, gut issues, and autoimmune stuff. 

It’s important to have a healthy relationship with food. However, diet is just one component of our overall health. Sure, it’s extremely powerful. But if we keep overcorrecting with our diets, we’re potentially getting way too much power to it that we fail to look at the other critical stuff (ex. movement, sleep, stress, etc.) 

While food is medicine, all those things are medicine, too, so we need to pay attention to those as well. Listen in as Alison shares her wisdom and learn why you shouldn’t feel so crazy around food and gut healing that you forget the other components of health that are just as important. 

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In this episode, you will hear:

  • The need for supporting the foundation of our health
  • What makes up an AIP diet
  • Addressing the root cause of your health issues
  • Advice for food allergies and food restrictions
  • Focusing on what you can eat versus what you cannot eat
  • Principles around healing your gut
  • Understanding the individual differences in sensitivities
  • The importance of a healthy relationship with food

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