Join us as we unravel nature’s well-kept secrets with our special guest, Becca Roses, a certified epigenetics coach, who possesses the key to reading genetic blueprints and how to use epigenetics to improve your health. Our talk dives into how these genetic blueprints can answer your health and wellness questions.

This episode also takes you on a journey through the maze of genetic blueprints for personalized health and hidden genetic discrepancies. We unravel various panels like the fat panel and the grain sensitivity panel that can offer profound insights into your nutrition, gut health, and anxiety issues. We also shine a spotlight on lesser-known genetic conditions that can impact our health, and how custom supplements tailored to one’s genetic blueprint can optimize benefits. 

Lastly, we converse about the value of quality time and the ripple effect we can create in the lives of those we love. Discover how the magic of epigenetics can guide you to a healthier, happier existence.

Listen to the show, Use Epigenetics to Improve Your Health: 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Exploring Epigenetics and functional genomics
  • Decoding genetic blueprints for personalized health
  • Hidden genetic discrepancies and custom supplements
  • DNA sequencing and genomics companies
  • The impact of genetics on nutrition
  • The benefits of olive oil in the diet
  • Exploring energy issues and metabolic health

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