What if you could read a children’s book that resonates with adults and children alike, helping to navigate mental health struggles? This week, I was fortunate to sit down with Jenna Winship, a dear friend and author of such transformative children’s books. Jenna’s literature, deeply influenced by her own health and mental health journeys, offers a unique opportunity for parents and children to confront and replace negative self-talk with the truth. We delved into her beautiful books, including the enchanting tales of Million the Warm Wind, Clayton’s Wings, and Penelope’s Wildflowers. 

Have you ever considered the critical role that trauma plays in our lives and how it manifests physically? Jenna and I explored this profound concept, discussing how threats can trigger trauma and the potential for healing through returning to a place of rest. We also shared some practical techniques, like blowing lies away in a balloon or practicing fish-breaths, that can assist in this process. In our conversation, the power of mantras emerged as a significant theme, highlighting how acknowledging pain, letting it go, and replacing it with positivity can create fresh neural pathways.

In a special segment, Jenna shared her writing journey and the inspiration behind her books. From the story of Million the Warm Wind, the COVID-helpful Clayton’s Wings, to Penelope’s Wildflowers, a tale born from Jenna’s personal experience with fear and anxiety during pregnancy after a miscarriage. We emphasized the importance of embracing the present, letting go of the future worries that do not serve us, and a valuable lesson Jenna learned from her mother-in-law, ‘grace for the place.’ This enlightening conversation is a must-listen for parents and children navigating the complexities of mental health.

Listen to the show, How to Replace Lies with the Truth and Youth Mental Health: 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The emotional impact of children’s books
  • Releasing emotions through playful techniques
  • The power of asking questions
  • Reevaluating the concept of being prepared
  • Embrace the present, let go
  • Impactful mindset shift and book recommendations

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