Have you been curious, like me, about water filtration and its importance? I finally did the deep dive into all the research and am excited to share with you the best water filter in my humble opinion! We’ll even go into a cost analysis – and you may be surprised!


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With the body being made up of 70% water, we all know how important it is to stay hydrated to keep our bodies healthy. Drinking water is a must for being healthy, but what if the water you are drinking is actually potentially harmful?

Most of us aren’t aware of what’s in our water. We simply trust that what shouldn’t be in the water won’t be. Why would anyone let the water be contaminated? The truth of the matter is that no matter where you’re getting water from – if it’s not filtered properly, you are most likely drinking contaminated water. Let’s take a look at what is potentially in our tap/bottled water and learn what we can do to make sure our water is safe.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • News stories about contaminated water
  • Possible contaminants that may be present in your water
  • What the U.S. is doing about the contaminants in tap water
  • Drinking water contaminants that are not monitored by the EPA
  • Threats to our drinking water
  • Effects of these contaminants in your water (even just a fraction of them!)
  • How to find what’s in your tap water
  • Facts about bottled water
  • The drinking water solution

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* CellCore Minerals (if you have an account already)

* AquaTrue Reverse Osmosis Filter

* Radiant Life Whole House water filter

* Rainshower New Century Shower Filter

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