Imagine a healthy ecosystem where there’s everything from your livestock, to the ground-nesting birds to the field mice, the snakes, the insects, and the life within the soil. With regenerative agriculture, it serves all those communities in a way that creates a net positive return. But what is regenerative agriculture and how does it positively impact our health and the environment? 

In today’s episode, we welcome Taylor Collins, co-founder of Epic Provisions, the world’s first 100% grass-fed meat, fruit, and nut bar. About a year after Taylor, and his wife, sold Epic Provisions to General Mills in 2016, they purchased Roam Ranch, a 900-acre land in central Texas. There they continually raise their 100% grass-fed livestock – in an environment where animals have the ability to roam freely. 

Taylor explains how they bought the land at its worst condition and used animal impact to restore and return it to its previous biological potential – a clear testament of Mother Nature’s capacity for forgiveness, which is greater than our own species’ capacity for destruction.

Taylor and Katie are also active in helping grow regenerative supply chains at their new parent company Force of Nature. Today, we talk about regenerative agriculture and our hope for the future of this planet because of regenerative agriculture, and because of the work of people like Taylor and his wife, Katie. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The benefits of regenerative agriculture and what the system looks like
  • The time and work it took to build Roam Ranch
  • The connection between our own health and the health of the land
  • The consistent reuse of soil in regenerative agriculture practice
  • The principles of regenerative agriculture
  • Why there’s no such thing as plant-based regenerative systems
  • Why becoming vegan is the worst thing you can do if you really care about animals

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