While industrial farming breaks the cycles of nature, regenerative farming works to restart the cycles that we broke with technology in the industrial farm. In this episode, learn more about the benefits of regenerative agriculture and how it works right from this fourth-generation farmer Will Harris. 

Will Harris is the CEO of White Oak Pastures, a 152-year-old farm that uses regenerative agriculture, including managed grazing to reduce carbon recharge waterways, preserve habitats, and support rural economies. 

White Oak Pastures is one of the only farms in the United States to operate two on-farm USDA-inspected abattoirs for slaughtering red meat and poultry. The conversation doesn’t need to be “cattle or no cattle.” Instead, it’s about how we are raising cattle as a critical part of a healthy ecosystem. Farm animals are not only critical for our health, but they also regenerate the land – and that’s the missing link that sadly, many people don’t understand.

In this episode, Will shares how it was like transitioning to regenerative agriculture, the impact of greenwashing done by other companies, and the importance of doing your research when it comes to choosing the food you buy.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why he decided to go back to a traditional way of farming
  • How the transition affected his finances
  • The concept of greenwashing
  • The importance of certifications and how they manage them
  • Zero-waste system
  • What is regenerative farming?
  • The benefits of regenerative agriculture
  • Understanding the value of getting involved in the process
  • The need for pain to see changes

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