What is the true cost of chicken? You could be paying $3 for your chicken right now, but you could actually be paying for that chicken in other ways. 

Communities around Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) have been shown to have higher rates of cancer. And if that happens to be an impoverished community, then guess what? You’re basically paying for the Medicaid bills as well. 

Today on the show, we chat with Pasturebird Founder and CEO Paul Grieve. He shares the story of how Pasturebird started with just an idea and a few chickens and how they now have mobile chicken coops to raise over 5,000 pasture-raised chickens. 

Find out what you need to be looking for when buying chicken and discover the unfortunate truth about conventionally raised chicken. Be sure to listen and you are going to want to buy your chicken locally or from Pasturebird itself from now onwards!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How conventional chickens are raised
  • Understanding the true cost of chicken
  • The value of nutrient density
  • What to look for when buying the highest quality chicken 
  • How to get to know your farmer
  • A look into Pasturebird’s 6,000-bird mobile coop design

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