A lot of white people are quite hesitant to start a conversation about white supremacy. Either they don’t know how to get started or they’re nervous about the backlash of being anti-racist from Black people or other races. 

In this episode, Jill Nagle, the co-owner of Evolutionary Workplace, joins us to discuss how we can dismantle the white supremacy mythology. Jill makes this important point of how white supremacy only hijacks part of our humanity. It corrupts our willingness and ability to look at hard truths. Whiteness only exists socially, because there is no biological basis for the distinction among races. We all belong to one race – and that’s the human race! 

This problem is rooted in history and we are still carrying it in our bodies until this day. But we end up arguing, polarizing, and canceling each other – instead of reckoning with history, and all the trauma, abuse, and pain – so we could all heal as one.

When I asked Jill about what a successful life looks like to her, she said that she finds success in acting with integrity, showing up for people she loves, and catalyzing transformation that helped the world evolve into a safer, more loving, understanding, and compassionate place. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What is white supremacy mythology
  • The different connotations of supremacy
  • The dangers that come from white supremacy
  • Why people are resistant to dismantling white supremacy
  • Undoing the harmful effects of white supremacy within our white bodies
  • Ways that white people can help dismantle white supremacy

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