Welcome to an enlightening episode as we unravel the conundrums of feeding children with Joe Carr, the co-founder of Serenity Kids. A company that’s created a ripple in the nutrition industry, Serenity Kids is recognized for its nutrient-packed baby food, toddler food, snacks, and toddler formula. As a doting parent himself, Joe, along with his wife, Serenity, embarked on this journey to fill the void in the market and provide balanced, non-sugary food options for children. He brings forth his strategies for creating diverse flavor profiles and shares a little secret on enticing picky eaters to experiment more. The conversation radiates a palpable sense of how much thought and effort goes into making every serving a nourishing feast for the little ones.

Delving into the nitty-gritty of child nutrition, we illuminate the problems with the contemporary diet of babies and children. With carbs, protein, and fat having their own significant place in a balanced diet, we discuss the necessity of pairing carbs with protein and fat. What’s more, we deliberate the ‘one to one to two’ ratio of protein, fat, and carbs that can be a game-changer in child nutrition. We also emphasize the importance of instilling the idea of pairing carbs with fat and protein in children from an early age, thereby enabling them to make informed dietary choices as they grow.

As we walk through the creation of a family farmer-centric supply chain, Joe highlights the importance of regenerative agriculture. We touch upon how it can be instrumental in reversing climate change, supporting family farms, and most importantly, ensuring the health of our future generation. This episode is a treasure trove of insights and advice on feeding children, fostering healthy eating habits, and raising a nutritionally aware generation. So, tune in and let’s redefine child nutrition together!

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In this episode, you will hear:

  • Creating healthy baby and toddler foods
  • Nutrient-dense baby food importance
  • Healthier eating for kids
  • Launching toddler formula and regenerative movement
  • Creating a breast milk-based formula
  • Feeding kids and ensuring healthy eating

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