In this episode, I’m sharing my second child’s birth story, my precious Owen’s birth story. Having a premature baby previously has put me into the high-risk category. I’m definitely glad to have birthed another child, but at the same time, it was another really scary experience. Overall, it was a much better experience, knowing the complications we had in the past with Ella and having this second complicated birth.

Back in Episode 10, I talked about how I had a premature baby, Ella, when I was 23 years old. It was a traumatic birth experience for me because we weren’t sure whether it was a stillbirth or she would get to live at just 5.8 ounces. Ella stayed for five weeks in the NICU. Ella is nine and a half years old now and she’s doing great.

During this pregnancy with Owen, I experienced preterm labor four times. Having had a baby with complications, there was absolutely no question in my mind that we were going to do it in a hospital. It’s not to say that every single woman needs to have her baby in a hospital because you know what’s best for you. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The sacrifice you have to make when you’re having kids young
  • Struggles with this pregnancy 
  • The connection between short-statured women and premature labor
  • Birthing in a hospital vs. a birthing center/home
  • My labor journey and why it took six hours to get my epidural
  • Why Owen had to be vacuumed out of my body

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