If you love makeup but you’re not paying attention to what really goes on underneath your skin, then you better be. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and so we have to take care of it. There’s no other reason more obvious than that. 

In today’s episode, clean beauty pioneer Christy Coleman shares her story and journey to clean beauty. Christy held so many hats and titles at Beautycounter until she ended up being a Chief Artistic Officer. 

A makeup artist by trade and an aesthetician by profession, Christy started out doing makeup at a very young age. She was fortunate to travel all over the world doing what she loves. But she had to move back to Texas to take care of his father who was diagnosed with ALS. It wasn’t until she lost her dad that she began searching for a purpose and deeper meaning in life. 

Hear her story as she talks about how she made a full switch into clean beauty, why it’s so so important to her, and how she’s jumping through some of the hurdles. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Her love of makeup since she was young
  • Exercising your creative muscle
  • Why she made the full switch to a cleaner makeup kit
  • Her first experience using clean makeup
  • Christy’s story of how she got started with Beautycounter
  • The impact of clean beauty on the environment


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