In this episode, we are graced by the presence of educator and advocate for the liberation of Black children, Keonnie Igwe. Keonnie started her career as a teacher and then moved into being a children’s minister for a couple of years. Currently, she works in policy full-time and goes to school full time for Master of Divinity where she focuses on race, religion, and religious education.


Join us today as Keonnie offers a wealth of knowledge about liberation, white privilege, white normalcy, white supremacy, and some things we can do to go deeper into our anti-racism journey beyond just reading books about racism.


I got to ask Keonnie two other questions after our episode and I wanted to share her answers with you: 

At the end of your life, what would a successful life look like to you?

More Black children who are so deeply loved and truly safe that they are free to be themselves and create a world where that’s the norm- both those I raise and those I know.

What’s an area that you feel like you’re truly intentional about and what’s something you’d like to be more intentional about?

I’m really intentional about my language around children and justice work. I’d really like to be increasingly intentional with my time and who/what I give it to.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Using the term liberation over racial reconciliation
  • The impact of systematic disenfranchisement
  • The material realities that need policy change
  • Using your white advantage to make an impact instead of turning back
  • How we can take action and ways to work against white saviorism
  • How white normalcy has turned into white supremacy
  • How to get involved

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