What happens when food becomes the enemy? When my daughter, Ella, broke out in hives at a family outing, we thought it was due to her aunt’s dog, Dolly – but we were wrong. This was the start of a journey that took us from simply avoiding certain allergens to an in-depth exploration of gut health, diet, and supplements. We’ve navigated through a sea of uncertainty, changed diets, underwent tests, and sought professional help – all in the quest to understand Ella’s condition. Our quest led us to health coach Cynthia Mathes, who helped shine a light on Ella’s complex condition. 

Listen in, as Ella and I discuss her experiences navigating food allergies, including an incident that cut short a 6-hour snorkeling trip due to an allergic reaction. Discover how Ella navigated the challenge of avoiding multiple foods for six months following her MRT Panel results, and the supplements she’s taking to manage her allergies. 

With Cynthia’s guidance, we’ve seen significant improvements in Ella’s health, managed her seasonal allergies, and learned the importance of gut health. This enlightening conversation provides valuable insights for anyone dealing with similar child health issues.

Listen to the show, Healing Ella’s Food Intolerances and Hives:

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Introduction to Ella’s journey of dealing with food allergies 
  • Misinterpretation of initial allergy symptoms 
  • The role of gut health in Ella’s condition
  • Involvement of health coach, Cynthia Mathes, in the healing process
  • GI Map, MRT, and SIBO Treatment
  • Ella’s personal experience with food allergies and their effects on daily life
  • Importance of professional guidance in navigating child health issues
  • Encouragement for parents dealing with similar child health issues 
  • Importance of resilience and never giving up in the healing journey

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