Do you fear exercise during pregnancy because of concerns around diastasis recti or pelvic floor issues? Imagine if we could redefine the fitness rule book for pregnant women. What if a woman’s autonomy, power, and strength could be fostered and celebrated, rather than limited, during such a transformative time? That’s exactly what Brooke Cates, founder of The Bloom Method, is doing. Join us as Brooke unpacks her unique approach to pre and postnatal fitness and reveals how it’s shaking up outdated fitness norms. Her candid discussion about creating empowering content for The Bloom Method app while pregnant herself is an inspiration. 

Brooke is here to debunk some popular myths. We delve into these and more, exploring safe and effective techniques for movement during this important phase of life. Brooke’s insights into creating a strong core and pelvic floor connection through movement, as well as the critical role of diastatic breathing, are invaluable for all women, pregnant or otherwise. 

The conversation takes a personal turn as Brooke shares her own journey of pregnancy and postpartum recovery. She reveals how her experiences influenced the development of The Bloom Method, which now offers over 700 fitness classes and 15 guided programs. We explore the empowering essence of The Bloom Method and Brooke emphasizes the vital role community plays in supporting women during their pregnancy journey. 

Tune in for this enlightening chat with Brooke Cates and prepare to see pre and postnatal fitness in a whole new light. This is more than just a fitness discussion, it’s about empowering women, creating a supportive community, and changing the narrative around pregnancy.

Listen to the show, Finding the Appropriate Postpartum and Pregnancy Workouts:

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Journey of a prenatal fitness app
  • Understanding diastasis recti and prevention
  • The importance of movement in pregnancy 
  • The importance of core engagement in life
  • The The Bloom Method explained

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