Are picky eaters a challenge in your household? You’ll find solace knowing that cooking can be a powerful tool to overcome this hurdle. Be ready to revolutionize your kids’ perspective on food as renowned food enthusiast and co-creator of Sticky Fingers Cooking, Erin Fletter, joins us in this enticing discussion that talks about not just cooking, but also life-lessons that a kitchen can impart. We embark on an intriguing journey, exploring the origins and scientific principles behind popular American recipes, while also exposing how diverse global cuisines have influenced our very own. Erin highlights the significance of involving children in cooking, clearly illustrating how this simple act can broaden their horizons and play a critical role in their overall development. 

Erin introduces the concept of a ‘thank you bite’, an engaging dialogue starter that takes kids on an imaginative journey from the farm to their plate. He pinpoints how it can make kids comprehend the painstaking effort behind each morsel, thereby fostering a deep-seated respect and love for food. This episode takes an exciting turn when Erin, the founder of Sticky Fingers Cooking, joins the conversation to further emphasize the importance of introducing children to new flavors and experiences.

Listen to the show, Get Kids Cooking:

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The power of multicultural cooking education
  • Misunderstanding of italian food origins
  • Healthy meals for children
  • Determining food preferences through multiple tries
  • Tactics for handling picky eaters
  • Discovering new foods and parenting challenges
  • Kids making breakfast on their own

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