Are you a neat freak or are you clutter-blind? Does a sink full of dishes ever bother you or do you just pass by it as if you didn’t even see it?


You see, there’s a connection between people’s motivation based on their Enneagram type and how they respond to clutter, whether they are super controlling and averse to clutter, or clutter blind.


In this episode, I’m joined by Laurie Palau, the founder of Simply B Organized, and she can help you clear the clutter for good. Laurie is also the host of the top-rated podcast This Organized Life and the author of the book “Hot Mess.” Laurie has been studying the psychology of clutter for several years and has recently been diving into how she can use the knowledge from the Enneagram to help people clear their clutter. 


Today, we’re going to do an overview of all nine Enneagram types, the common pitfalls, and the things that people can do when it comes to clutter and organizing their homes and their lives. 


Knowing your Enneagram type can be extremely useful when it comes to organizing stuff around your house and your life – whether we’re talking about the material/physical clutter, emotional clutter, or calendar clutter.


Laurie points out that it’s not about labeling people or labeling things, but it’s important to be able to provide language where you can articulate and communicate what you do. Because a lot of times, we get frustrated with things since we don’t have the language to articulate them.  


In this episode, you will hear:

  • What is an Enneagram?
  • Looking at the psychology of clutter
  • The Enneagram image and its Christian roots
  • Developing grace and empathy for other people
  • How the Enneagram impacts your life
  • How it allows you to understand other people better
  • An overview of the nine types

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Laurie’s Podcast “This Organized Life”

Simply B Organized

Laurie’s Book “Hot Mess” (affiliate)

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