What if you really could change your life and if there was a way to be healthy and intentional in every area of your life? Each week, we show you how to do that on Olive You Whole, hosted by Caroline Fausel, entrepreneur, wellness expert, author, and speaker. 

Every episode is an in-depth look at how to help you get unstuck, be brave in your life choices, and have a meaningful life – all either from Caroline’s personal experiences or from the experts interviewed on the show. The goal is to help you build a healthy, connected, and intentional life that fulfills your greatest purpose. 

In today’s episode, Caroline shares her story – growing up in Brentwood, a town south of Nashville, TN. Consistently ranked as the 10th wealthiest county in the United States, Caroline didn’t realize she was living in a bubble with people exactly like her in every way. According to Caroline, you can’t fully appreciate how different your life experiences are until you’ve actually come out of the snowglobe and you’re living life on the other side. When Caroline left, she realized that what represents her world doesn’t necessarily represent the whole world.

Growing up in the South also affected Caroline’s views of health and wellness. In fact, the Midwest and the South tie in for the highest rates of adult obesity at 34.1%. Caroline and her husband, Chaz, went vegetarian for five years until they started questioning whether it was the best choice for their daughter. They tried to stay up to date on the latest nutrition science when they started feeding Ella solids until they learned about the Paleo Diet and they thought it just made so much sense. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Living in her Brentwood bubble
  • Growing up feeling she had a major health issue
  • Caroline’s educational background
  • The decision to be a vegetarian and their transition to paleo
  • How Caroline benefited from a paleo diet
  • Her journey creating recipes, writing a blog, and turning it into a cookbook

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