Hey friend. Are you looking to be healthier in 2017? Join my January Health Challenge!

I came up with a little challenge every single day of the month of January to keep us all on the right track nutritionally, physically, and emotionally! (Trust me, you’ll LOVE this challenge, which includes tasks like “take an Epsom salt bath with essential oils”… mmmmm YES please!)

I know what you’re thinking “But Caroline, I’m already doing the January Whole30 with you!!” I promise this isn’t anything over the top. It goes hand in hand perfectly with your Whole30 (and remember, I’m doing a Whole30 too!) You’ll end up feeling much healthier and better about yourself!

Just download the January Health Challenge calendar here, and you’ll be ready to join me! (You can print it, or keep it digital and you can click through the links!)

Who’s with me? Comment below!