If participating in a Whole30 program has you thinking you are stuck drinking water for the next 30 days, think again. There are so many delicious and refreshing Whole30 Drinks to add variety to your day, as well as, keep you hydrated.  

Whole30 Drinks

Both hot and cold beverages are available to quench your thirst and satisfy your palate. We’ve compiled a comprehensive resource of Whole30 Approved and Compliant Drinks below with all the information you need to comply with your Whole30 program and beyond. 

The Best Toxic Free Coffee | The Best Mold and Mycotoxin Free Coffee Brand-4

Whole30 Coffee and Creamers

Check out my post HERE on drinking coffee while on Whole30 for the whole scoop on how to enjoy your coffee while on the Whole30!

Whole30 Approved Tea Brands

Whole30 Tea

There are certain types of teas that are allowed on Whole30- the biggest factor is they have to be completely unsweetened- no natural or artificial sweeteners allowed. 

Check out my post HERE on drinking tea while on Whole30 for a list of approved and compliant and bagged, bottled and canned brands of tea.

Whole30 Approved Kombucha Brands

Whole30 Kombucha

Kombucha is allowed on the Whole30 program, but can be a bit tricky to navigate. Check out my blog post HERE to learn more about kombucha and even how to brew your own at home. 

Whole30 Compliant Coconut Water

Whole30 Coconut Water 

Coconut water is a delicious alternative to a sports drink because it’s like nature’s own Whole30 electrolyte drink that can keep you hydrated while on Whole30 and beyond. Check out my blog post HERE to learn which brands are compliant.  

Whole30 Approved Almond Milk Brands

Whole30 Nut Milks

Dairy is not allowed on Whole30 and nowadays many people choose to remain dairy free even after they’ve completed their 30 days. Thankfully there are so many compliant dairy alternatives that are truly delicious, and better for you and the planet. 

ALMOND MILK – see my post HERE for Whole30 approved Almond Milks – 

CASHEW MILK – some compliant brands are MALK, JOI and SILK 

COCONUT MILK – see my post HERE for Whole30 approved Coconut Milks   

Whole30 Coffee Alternatives

If coffee and tea is not your thing, but you’re still looking for a beverage to quench your thirst while providing a unique flavor profile and added benefits, check out these new alternative drinks that comply with the Whole30 program standards.

Rasa – Adaptogen packed wellness tonics you brew like coffee.   

KiteOrganic sparkling botanicals brewed with adaptogens for balance and well being. 

MUD/WTR – A coffee alternative consisting of organic ingredients.  

Crio Bru – A delicious alternative to coffee made from cacao beans

Whole30 Sparkling Water + Flavored Water

Sparkling water has exploded over the last few years! There are so many flavors and brands and most of them are Whole30 compliant. If you are a fan of carbonation (like me), sparkling water is a delicious thirst quencher. Also, for those of you looking to kick your soda habit, sparkling water can help to satisfy your love of fizzy drinks without out all the added sugar, caffeine, and additives.





Hint Sparkling Water 

Whole30 Sparkling Water Brands

Infused Water

Want to perk up your glass of water? Add sliced lemons, limes, cucumbers, strawberries, etc. Throw in a spring of mint or other herbs to enhance the flavors of added citrus and berries.  

Clearly, there is a theme running through the options of compliant drinks while participating in a Whole30 program – NO added sugars! I know I sound like a broken record, but it is important to always read the labels if you are unsure. Many companies find sneaky ways to add sugars and / or sweeteners to their products in order to make their drinks taste better. Personally, having drastically reduced if not eliminated sugar from my diet, I notice the added sugar flavor immediately and find the taste oftentimes be way too sweet for my palate.

While there is no perfect substitute for water, drinking the same thing day in and day out can get tedious and perhaps lead to making poor food choices to compensate. Thankfully there are so many options these days!

Whole30 Approved Drinks

For the complete list of officially Whole30 Approved drinks – both hot and cold – check out the Whole30 Approved Drinks list on their website here.

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