Meet Christine S, our first sharer of her Whole30 Results! Christine was born and raised in North Carolina. She married her best friend three years ago this Fall and they have a sweet pup named, Darcy. Christine loves being outside especially during Fall, chocolate, taking day trips, and cooking. She works full time as a dental hygienist.

Where did you first hear about Whole30?

I was on Pinterest one day and saw a pin about Whole30 recipes. I clicked on the link and just became fascinated with the testimonies. It took me a week to wrap my head around if I could really do it or not. Every meal for the week prior to Whole 30 I kept thinking how could I make this compliant.

When was your Whole30?

June 16-July 15, 2014

What was the biggest challenge you overcame during Whole30?

I always have referred to myself as having not just a sweet tooth, but sweet teeth!! When people say that their dessert is too rich, I’m thinking “Can I have it?” even after eating all of mine… 🙂 I was really surprised how I did not miss sugar at all. I have found that my sugar habit was just a habit… I know that sounds silly, but I would find myself driving around on weekends (not hungry) and thinking I need to get a milkshake or something. It wasn’t so much cravings I conquered, but the behavior. I did miss cheese more than anything. Now going 30 plus days without it (I haven’t reintroduced dairy yet) I know I can definitely reduce my intake!

What are some of the Non Scale Victories you experienced?

  • I was really struggling with my seasonal allergies this year. For nearly 6 weeks, I was coughing, sneezing, sniffling, and had a sore throat. Almost immediately after starting Whole 30 all the symptoms went away.
  • I am a dental hygienist and have some finger joint pain and not once did my fingers or hands hurt while doing Whole 30! I think that is huge!!
  • I was able to fit into some clothes that my husband never even knew I had!
  • My energy was great especially in the first 2 weeks. Then it leveled out.
  • Before Whole 30 I had “blah” days. I wouldn’t say I suffer from depression, but I didn’t have any of those days during Whole 30. My mental state is just in a better place. It might be from just eating better, or just feeling better about myself from eating better…if that makes sense.
  • Coworkers told me that I was “shining” and I looked healthier and thinner.

What was your Scale Victory? (How much did you lose?)

My start weight was 169 and my finish weight was 160.2 for a total of 8.8 lbs lost. (I’m still losing weight during the reintroduction phase. Current weight 158) I lost 9.5 inches!
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Christine’s Whole30 Results Pictures

Whole30 Results Pictures | Olive You Whole #whole30 #whole30results

Christine (with her precious pup!) before her Whole30

Whole30 Results Pictures | Christine S | Olive You Whole #whole30 #whole30results

Christine Day 21 of her Whole30!

Whole30 Results | Christine S #whole30 #whole30results

Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone currently doing a Whole30?

One of the most helpful things for me was to create a separate IG account to journal my journey and keep me accountable. I didn’t have to worry about my real friends getting annoyed with food post after food post. The people who followed me on @christine_eats_clean wanted to see what I’m eating and were a great support! I have learned so much from following people with similar food interests!!
Whole 30 doesn’t make you break the bank and is doable for anyone with proper planning. Prep work helps so much. I would cut up my veggies on the weekends and they would be ready to go during the week for sautéing and grilling.

What is something you wished you had known before starting Whole30?

I did not know that I was going to have (an unsuccessful) sialendoscopy with general anesthesia during my Whole 30. If I had known, I probably would have put Whole 30 off, but in some ways I think it made me stronger and want to finish Whole 30 even more. I think the procedure was day 18 or so and I wasn’t going to give up easily! I had mastoidectomy in April and was very nauseous from the general anesthesia and that’s why I was worried about this procedure during Whole 30.

Notes from Christine:

I ate pretty healthy before Whole 30. I wasn’t a junk food junkie.
I don’t regularly drink soda, but I do live in the South and enjoy sweet tea at least once a week!!
I did not exercise like I was wanting to. I probably only worked out 5 times during the month…I know…embarrassing!