Guys I’m SO excited!!! You can preorder It Starts With Food the Whole30 Book! This is the first update to the book since their original book’s publication in 2012. Almost all of the content is exactly the same (because their science and methods are spot on, right?!), but it has gotten a much-needed design facelift. I’m not going to lie, as a designer myself, when reading the original book the design KILLED me. Almost. In their defense, their target market was mostly people they knew, and the kind of grunge/ workout feel is definitely what they were going for. Thankfully for the program, it has spread SO widely, that their target market has opened up to almost everyone! So their design has appropriately done the same: it’s clean, fresh, and modern.

What’s different in this new Whole30 Book?

One of the main new rules and total game changer is they now allow for POTATOES!!! You can now eat any and all kinds of potatoes while on your Whole30! The only rule is no commercially-made chips or fries (but who can argue that those are healthy, anyway?). They’ve also made minimal changes to their supplements section, but that’s not a huge game changer. If you’re eating healthy, whole foods, the need for supplements greatly decreases!

Preorder the New Whole30 Book It Starts with Food NOW!

So you’ve heard about the greatness of the Whole30, you’ve seen the amazing results, and now you want to buy the book yourself to get started! This new book comes out June 29, and it will ship from Amazon that day!! So that means you only have FIVE DAYS to preorder before it comes out! Woohoo!

How to Preorder: click the link you see of the book to the right! It’s that easy!

Are you currently reading the book? Are you going to start a Whole30 soon? Comment below and let me know!