Before I tell you my best laser hair removal Denver story, I have to tell you one of the most hilarious stories of my entire life. If you’re a woman, you’ve likely dealt in SOME way with your bikini hair situation. First of all, let me tell you that I was always a swimmer. I started swim team when I was five. Have you seen a tiny kid in a swim race? It’s stroke, stroke, stroke, BREATH LIKE THEY’RE DROWNING, stroke, stroke, hold on to the lap lane for as long as possible, stroke, stroke, until they get to the entire 25 meters. That was me.

My mom and sister are both blonde, so they didn’t have a lot of the issues that I have as a brunette. Most of these issues were hair-related. Blonde hair, wherever it is, is so much less of an issue because you can barely see it!

Growing up, I swam every summer on my local YMCA’s swim team. Fast forward to puberty… I was still swimming every summer, PLUS every winter 8th grade through high school I swam for my school in the winter, too. My near-black hair started to become an ISSUE.

Shaving my Bikini Area

At first, I tried to shave. I think there’s an invisible barrier at every shower door. You shave, then RIGHT as you step across this invisible barrier, it’s an instant red bumps and irritation zone. I tried everything: different shaving creams, after-shave products, essential oils for irritation. You name it, I tried it. I wanted shaving to work, because even though you have to do it often, it’s obviously the cheapest form of maintenance.

Is waxing your bikini area worth it?

Next up, I tried waxing. Waxing works, of course. But it’s expensive! With tax and tip, I was paying $60 every time I went. And this started in high school. That feels a little insane to me! My sweet mom saw how irritated my skin was, and she knew it was embarrassing. So she was willing to take me to the spa to get a bikini wax, even though I was only 14!

So waxing was a solution, yes, but not a great one. It felt a lot like renting when I could buy- ha! Sure it was solving the problem, but not permanently. Every time I went, I felt like I was perpetually throwing money down the drain…

My Senior Graduation Present Story

So here’s the hilarious story in all of this. My senior year of high school, I was doing homework on my bed. My mom came in and asked me what I wanted as my graduation present. I thought about it for a second, and I said, “I know this is bizarre, but I want bikini laser hair removal.” She blankly stared… Then she said, “Well, you’ll have to ask your father!” SAY WHAT? I told her “Mom, if this is something I have to ask Dad about, I FOR SURE don’t want laser hair removal- I’ll just get something else.” She said, “Ok, think about it.”

That night at dinner, my Mom said, “Jack, Caroline has decided what she wants for her graduation present!” I gave her a DEATH STARE. I looked at her and said, “No I didn’t! I’m still thinking about what I want.” She followed up with, “You told me this afternoon what you wanted, right?”

Oh my GOSH.

I sat there, and I could tell my Dad was starting to look sad, like I was leaving him out of something, WHICH I WAS. Screw it. Apparently I just had to tell him.

“Ok, Dad. I want laser hair removal on my bikini area.”

Talk about blank stares- the few seconds of his speechlessness were some of the longest of my WHOLE LIFE.

“You want what?” he said.

I repeated myself: “I want laser hair removal on my bikini area.”

“Hmm.” he said. “Is this something all of the other girls are doing?” he asked.

“NO, Dad. This isn’t some ‘cool kid’ thing to do- I’m doing it out of necessity” I responded.

I could tell that he had never ONCE considered a woman’s bikini area maintenance, and he didn’t even know why I wanted it done or what questions to ask to understand better.

He followed up with “Well, then what are other girls doing?”

“Most people just shave. But when I shave, I immediately get bright red bumps, ingrown hairs, and irritation. I’ve tried everything, but shaving doesn’t work for me.” I said. Talk about things I never ever thought I would speak to my FATHER about.

He continued, trying to understand “And there are no other options?”

“Well, recently I’ve been waxing. But it’s SO expensive. I spend $60 every time I go, and it only lasts 3-6 weeks. I have to do it more frequently in the summer and winter, because I’m constantly in a bathing suit.” I said.

“Wow!” He obviously had ZERO idea what my Mom and I had been up to behind the scenes, which kind of cracked me up.

“And how much would laser hair removal be?” he asked.

“I’ve looked into it before, and I think if I got an unlimited package to make sure it worked, it would be around $1,200. That’s basically 2-3 years of waxing, but laser hair removal is permanent.” I said. I knew if he was going to be convinced by anything, it would be the numbers.

“Well, let me think about it.” he said.

PHEW. The most awkward conversation of my entire life was over! I survived! The next night he came into my room to kiss me goodnight, and he said “I’ve thought about it, and I think you’re right. Seems like laser hair removal is a lot less to deal with, and it would be permanent. You can do it if you figure out all of the details of where to go and you keep up with it.”

My Bikini Laser Hair Removal Story

Yay! It was worth the extreme awkwardness. Even though in high school it seemed like an IMMEDIATE need, once I got to the college, I got SO busy. I didn’t even end up “redeeming” this graduation present until the second half of my junior year. I went to this laser place about 45 minutes away. I chose this place because they have locations nationally, and you can switch where you go. I paid for a “unlimited” package- but you only have a year to redeem them. I had enough time junior year to go regularly, but then summer. There was a location in Brentwood (South of Nashville where I grew up), where I was for the summer. I went a couple times there.

But when senior year hit, I had ZERO time in my schedule to make it out there. I didn’t finish out my sessions, and most of my hair grew back. I wish now I knew how amazing it would be. I would have made it much more of a priority, especially since I had already paid for it! Oh, to be twenty and naive. 🙂

I knew eventually I would go back and get laser hair removal. After moving to Colorado, I met Julie at Skin Deep MD through her daughter Sydney, who is a friend of mine. Sydney reminded me how amazing laser hair removal is, and suggested her mom to me!

Best Laser Hair Removal Denver

Best Time to Start Laser Hair Removal

I knew it was time. Thankfully, it was fall, which is the best time to start laser hair removal. You can’t do laser hair removal treatments if you’ve been tanning in the sun, so summer is the worst time to start. By fall, your skin is light enough and you’ll have enough time before summer to get all of your sessions in!

Which areas we treated:

Here’s to vulnerability, folks! Yes, my family members read my blog… So me sharing this information with you is true sacrifice. You’re welcome.

I decided to fully go for it. I did a brazillian plus my armpits, my two biggest areas of concern. Next fall, I definitely want to get my legs done! That would be the last area I’d get lasered.

Laser Hair Removal Denver

Like I said, I went to Skin Deep MD with Julie Yudelson for my Laser Hair Removal. Her office is located in Boulder, which is a short drive from Denver! She was AMAZING. She’s super caring, and will stop as much as you need to!

Before I purchased my treatments, I did some investigating, and Julie’s prices are the cheapest I could find! I’ve been SO pleased with my treatments, and will continue to go back to Julie for her other services.

When you go to Skin Deep MD and mention my name (Caroline Fausel), Julie will give you 20% laser hair removal, 50% off your first facial laser treatment, and 20% off Coolsculpting! 

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Here’s the deal. It hurts, but I personally don’t think it hurts as badly as waxing. The laser hair removal gun is only targeting a tiny area at a time. So it’s a tiny bit of pain at a time. AND the technology has really improved since the first time I did laser hair removal. Now, on the gun that Skin Deep MD uses, there is a blaster that blasts cool air onto your skin the entire time. This makes it SO much less painful.

The whole time, I’m just thinking how worth it it is. Right when it’s done, the pain is over. My entire bikini area takes less than 10 minutes! So even if you think it’s really painful, it’s over fast! I’ve had two babies, so I feel like my pain tolerance is pretty high when I compare anything to that. 😉

Do you have any questions about laser hair removal? Ask them below!

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Best Laser Hair Removal Denver