I absolutely love salads because they’re a great way for me to get in tons of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables into my day! This Whole30 + Paleo Greek salad recipe is SUCH a delicious salad, and it’s super easy to throw together! I have found that as long as I get all of the ingredients for whatever salad I have planned, I will definitely make it! But if I just buy a huge box of Costco-sized lettuce and hope I’ll eat a salad, FORGET about it. 

Anyone else with me?! 

Paleo + Whole30 Greek Salad recipe

This Greek salad recipe is so great because it is easily customizable to most diets! If you’re Paleo and you tolerate some dairy, throw that feta on there! If you’re doing a Whole30, simply remove the feta! And obviously this is great if you’re following the Mediterranean Diet! It’s vegetarian as-is if you don’t add the grilled chicken, and vegan if you remove the feta! It’s also innately low-carb and keto, too! 

Are you starting to see why I freaking love this recipe?!

Paleo + Whole30 Greek Salad recipe

Most importantly, it’s packed with nutrients and healthy fats! There is SO much dietary fiber in this salad, it keeps me full for SO long. I can’t say that about every salad I make! I personally tend towards more of a fruit-and-nut based salad, but this Greek salad recipe is one of my very favorite savory salad recipes. 

This is also a great salad to meal prep into glass containers to take to work for lunches! Chop all of the lettuce and veggies up, and separate them into glass storage containers and keep in the fridge. I love these containers for meal prepped salads (they are glass and have bamboo lids!)

Paleo + Whole30 Greek Salad recipe

Components of your Greek Salad: 

  • Romaine lettuce
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Olives
  • Red onions
  • Cucumbers
  • Feta (optional)

Simply place those items together and pour over my delicious Greek Salad Dressing that’s also Whole30 and Paleo friendly! 

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