Ready to get your coffee fix for today? Not quite yet! 

Today, my guest is Angelo Keely, co-founder and CEO of Kion, a supplement and functional food company founded in 2017 that’s dedicated to helping health and fitness enthusiasts live long, active, joyful lives by providing clean energy-enhancing solutions. We chat about one thing I’m super passionate about – clean coffee! 


Coffee can have mold, mycotoxins, and all kinds of things you don’t want to be drinking every single morning. And so, you want to make sure you’re drinking something that’s free from any toxins that could potentially harm your body.


Angelo walks us through how Kion produces the cleanest coffee on the market – from start to finish. Additionally, we dive into the world of amino acids and why you should know at least a little about them!


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why you need to consider drinking clean coffee
  • Looking for specialty-grade organic beans
  • Equitable trades
  • Why opt for machine-dried beans
  • Why use conventional bags
  • Ensuring the highest quality storage
  • Espresso vs. coffee
  • Intro to amino acids: definition, functions, and benefits
  • Collagen and essential amino acids
  • Protein intake and amino acid supplementation

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