Powdered sugar lends itself to many decadent goodies like icing, fudge, and macaroons… But it’s the texture of the powdered sugar that makes those recipes possible, so what is a suitable paleo powdered sugar substitute? I have the answer for you: powdered coconut sugar. Apparently it’s not in high enough demand because you can’t buy it packaged in a store, but you can buy Organic Palm Coconut Palm Sugar online (it’s called both coconut sugar and palm sugar), and easily turn it into powdered coconut sugar!

Here’s how to make powdered coconut sugar:

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How to Make Powdered Coconut Sugar


  • 1 c coconut sugar (also called palm sugar)


  1. Place the coconut sugar in a food processor or bullet… I prefer our bullet with the grinding blade.
  2. Start on the lowest speed possible, then gradually increase speed until it’s on high. It should take about 30 seconds for the sugar to become powdered.
  3. All done! Use in place of standard powdered sugar in your favorite recipes!

Here’s a video that shows how to make powdered coconut sugar!