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Olive You Whole’s name came about in part because olive is absolutely my favorite color. I love it. And after spending a summer in Cortona, Italy, I absolutely love the taste as well. I almost exclusively cook with olive oil now! Olives were one of the few foods during our first Whole30 that truly felt like a treat. They are just so stinkin’ delicious, and any time I want a salty snack, olives absolutely hit the spot.

Why Olive You Whole? #oliveyouwholeSo that being said, olives are absolutely a highlight of eating clean. In addition, I want ALL of me and my family to be whole, and this blog will reflect that. I share whole recipes, natural parenting tips, uses for essential oils, and tons of healthy tips and tricks. So, Olive You Whole (all-of-you-whole) began.

And who isn’t about world peace? The olive and its branches symbolize peace. Peace is so important within ourselves and shown to the world. When we are living whole lives, we strive to be loving, compassionate, and peaceful people! So join me in this journey toward Whole Living!