I am SO thrilled to share with you the BRAND new Daily Harvest Plant-Based Whole30® Edit! You might be thinking, wait, back up… What’s Daily Harvest? And what’s the Plant-Based Whole30®? Great questions! [Be sure to scroll to the bottom to get a Daily Harvest Coupon Code for $30 off!]

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What is Daily Harvest? 

Daily Harvest delivers real plant-based food built on fruits and vegetables straight to your door, and is on a mission to help you (and me!) get more fruits and veggies into our diets. I’ve been getting Daily Harvest boxes delivered to my front doorstep since 2015 (just look at precious baby Owen up there!!), the year it started! And it has grown tremendously since then, and so has my love for its service and delicious foods. Daily Harvest started by providing smoothie ingredients in a cup that you could then add a liquid and blend yourself. Now Daily Harvest offers over 100 options, including Smoothies, Harvest Bowls, Harvest Bakes, Flatbreads, Soups, Forager BowlsScoops, Bites, Lattes, and Mylk. I’ve been such a huge fan of Daily Harvest from the beginning, it was so fun trying their new box featuring ALL Plant-Based Whole30® compliant goodies!

What is the Plant-Based Whole30

What is the Plant-Based Whole30®? 

The Plant-Based Whole30® is a brand new, plant-based version of the Whole30 that focuses on a clean approach to eating plant-based for 30 days! For more on the Plant-Based Whole30® and more detailed rules, check out our comprehensive blog post here

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The Daily Harvest x Plant-Based Whole30® Edit: 

Now that you know what each of these companies represents on their own, let’s talk about their collaboration: The Daily Harvest x Plant-Based Whole30® Edit! Daily Harvest worked directly with the Whole30® team to choose items that are compatible with their brand new Plant-Based Whole30® program. In addition to the box with 14 compatible items, there is also a free 5-Day menu plan developed by Whole30® and Daily Harvest dieticians. Who doesn’t love a good meal plan? 

In the box is a mixture of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. 

Here’s the full list of what’s in the Daily Harvest x Plant-Based Whole30® Box: 

  • Vanilla Bean + Apple Chia Bowl
  • Gigante Bean + Savoy Cabbage Harvest Bowl
  • Red Lentil + Cumin Harvest Bowl 
  • Cauliflower Rice + Pesto Harvest Bowl
  • Broccoli + Cheeze Harvest Bowl
  • Chickpea + Coconut Curry Harvest Bake 
  • Passion Fruit + Greens Smoothie 
  • Lentil + Cremini Soup 
  • Tomato + Zucchini Minestrone Soup 
  • Broccoli Rice + Dill Pilaf Harvest Bowl 
  • Gigante + Artichoke Olio Harvest Bake 
  • Lentil + Tomato Bolognese Harvest bowl 
  • Blueberry + Hemp Smoothie 
  • Brussels Sprouts + Tahini Harvest Bowl 

5-Day Plant-Based Whole30® Meal Plan:

Y’all know how much I love a good meal plan. And, to be honest, I think this thorough, dietician-created meal plan is the best part of this box! 

Click here to download the printable Daily Harvest Plant-Based Whole30 Meal Plan PDF I created! 

Why should you get the Daily Harvest Plant-Based Whole30® Box? 

The thing that Daily Harvest does BEST is getting more fruits and veggies into my diet… Eating their creations 3 times a day will fill you with SO many vitamins, nutrients, and micronutrients. Use it like a healthy 5-Day reset OR use it within your Plant-Based Whole30® challenge! Either way, their dishes are packed with nutrition, absolutely delicious, incredibly fast and easy, and delivered right to your door and ready in minutes! 

My favorite items: 

The Passion Fruit + Greens Smoothie Daily Harvest

The Passion Fruit + Greens Smoothie

I LOVE this smoothie. It’s part tropical vacation, part green juice. I add a little plant-based protein and full fat coconut milk, and it’s divine! You get to choose the liquid you use – this smoothie changes its dynamics easily. Try it with coconut water, orange juice, or mango juice! Simply add the Daily Harvest smoothie contents to your blender with your favorite liquid, blend, and enjoy! 

Gigante Bean + Savoy Cabbage Harvest Bowl Daily Harvest

Gigante Bean + Savoy Cabbage Harvest Bowl or Bake

I’m SO glad Daily Harvest decided to turn this harvest bowl into a bake so our entire family can enjoy it! These gigante beans get their name honestly – they’re HUGE! And oh so filling, as you can imagine, packed with more protein and fiber! I love the flavors the red onion, cumin, and oregano bring to the table. This is a great dish for lunch or dinner, but even big enough to share!

Red Lentil + Cumin Harvest Bowl

I’ve been making a red lentil dahl recipe since my vegan days nearly 10 years ago, and this harvest bowl tastes almost exactly like it. Except for the fact that it’s packed with more veggies, which I love! 

Here’s the full list of what’s in the Daily Harvest x Plant-Based Whole30® Box

Want to try the Daily Harvest Plant-Based Whole30® Edit? 

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