Fad diets. We’ve all done one, right? The latest science reveals if you drink only water, you’ll totally lose weight!! Well, duh. But that’s not quite sustainable, is it…? Nor is it nutritious by any standards… Of course, no one actually suggests you only drink water to lose weight. This is a complete exaggeration. I just don’t want to use this time to call out any actual, specific diets I think should be labeled “fad diets.” What I do want to tell you is that while the Whole30 is definitely popular, and is only meant to last 30 days, the Whole30 isn’t just another fad diet.

In my opinion, fad diets are diets that promise quick weight loss results, but are likely unhealthy, unbalanced, and unsustainable.

This results in yoyo dieting, jumping from one fad diet to the next, hoping this one will actually give you the promised results. When all of these diets fail, you can be left hopeless, and many just give up their health and weight loss goals entirely.

So what makes the Whole30 unlike the rest? The Whole30 is based on science (just read their detailed first book It Starts with Food if you like to know the nitty gritty). And it’s not just the latest science, it’s lasting science. The Whole30 diet is based on the Paleo diet, a way of eating is based on what our Paleolithic ancestors ate.

To put it simply:

The Whole30 is comprised of food our bodies are meant to eat.

It consists of high quality meat, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats, simply prepared.

When you finally give your body its natural fuel, it thrives!! This is why people don’t just have weight loss results (although typically this is a wonderful outcome!), they also can have a myriad of symptoms disappear: bloating, upset stomach, headaches and migraines, joint pain and arthritis, acne, and so many more. I believe food is such a key component in how the rest of our bodies function, and when we get this piece of the puzzle right, so many other things in our bodies begin to function optimally.

Finally figure out what works for YOU:

Above and beyond that, the Whole30 also empowers you well beyond the 30 days. Because the Whole30 functions as an elimination diet, you also have the opportunity to become your own science experiment, testing which foods do and do not work for you personally during the Reintroduction Phase.

This knowledge will help you be able to decide after your Whole30 which off-plan foods to include in your diet, which to completely avoid, and which are worth splurging on occasionally.

When you have these dramatic results coupled with the knowledge of how food affects you personally, it is absolutely life changing. The creators of the Whole30 don’t suggest you stay on a strict WholeForever plan. They encourage you to find what works for you, and make that your lifelong eating plan.

We have done eight Whole30’s since June of 2013, and I’ve learned something new each round! We’ve switched our lives entirely from Veganism to a Paleo lifestyle- I don’t think any change could be more drastic! I know you can do this- and you need to believe you can, too! Remember, every single food choice either makes you healthier or unhealthier. Cheers to a life where we continue to choose health!

What’s next?

Check out the specific rules of the Whole30 diet here to get started, or do a Whole30 with me!