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Maintaining a consistent skin care regimen is key to ensuring optimal performance and getting results out of your skin care products. At Beautycounter each product is developed with a specific purpose. Products are designed to work best in combination with the other steps (Cleanse, Prep, Treat, Protect) in the collection.


An overview of each of our skin care collections.

Beautycounter’s skincare collections are specially formulated with safe ingredients leaving out over 1800+ questionable or harmful ingredients on The Neverlist* and using ingredients with optimal performance!

Let me introduce you to Countertime, Countermatch, Countercontrol, and Counterstart! So what is the difference between them?! 


Countertime is our aging well line featuring Beautycounter’s natural alternative to Retinol-Retinatural! 

The Retinatural Complex is designed to visibly firm, brighten, and plump the skin. And how pretty are these glass bottles?

Typical Age Group: mid 30’s+

Key Ingredients: Swiss Alpine Rose and Bakuchiol

Why is it safer? While Retinol can dry out the skin, our Retinatural Complex gives optimal hydration. Therefore, this formulation strengthens your natural skin’s barrier function and supports skin elasticity! Retinol can make skin more sensitive to UV rays. However, the key ingredient Swiss Alpine Rose gives your skin antioxidant defense!



Countermatch is for normal and combination skin. Designed to optimize hydration and fight environmental aggressors for vibrant, smooth skin.

These products truly deliver with 24 hour hydration and a radiance boost. Recommenced for women in their 20’s- early 40’s, since the key ingredients help with preventing the first signs of aging.

Typical Age Group: 20’s-40’s

Key Ingredients: Squalane, Plum Oil, Phytic Acid from rice

Why is it safer? Countermatch provides long-lasting moisture without the use of mineral oil or harmful preservatives. The glass packaging and pump mechanisms protect ingredients from air exposure, ensuring they always provide optimum performance during their shelf-life.

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Countercontrol is for oily or blemish prone skin and controls oil, purifies pores, and clears skin – without the irritation. ⚡️


Typical Age Group: Teens- Mid 20s

Key Ingredients: Wintergreen and Rosebay Willow

Why is it safer? Harsh surfactants and benzoyl peroxide are often in acne treatments. Unfortunately these ingredients tend to strip the skin of moisture. Beautycounter’s formulation is not only for acne treatment but also for blemish prevention! Countercontrol helps balance the skins natural moisture barrier all while reducing breakouts and redness!


Counterstart Cocoboost Moisturizer + Counterstart Cococream Cleanser 

These two are the perfect cleanser and moisturizer for sensitive skin. Both are a blend of coconut oil and aloe which soothes and nourishes sensitive skin. The Counterstart daily moisturizer is lightweight and non-greasy. And everyone loves a gentle cream cleanser!

Typical Age Group: pre-teens- 20’s.

Key Ingredients:

  • Coconut Oil: Gently breaks down impurities while hydrating skin.
  • Aloe Vera: Nourishes and soothes skin.
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E): An antioxidant that protects skin from environmental aggressors.

Why is it safer? Beautycounter leaves out all questionable and harmful ingredients on The Neverlist* which often irritate the skin.


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